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1/23/11 **NEW** Eugene Record Convention 2011 Marc welcomes Bill and Laurie from the Eugene Record Convention (taking place January 30) who bring some amazing sides to the Hangover's turntables- always one of our favorite shows of the year! (Click here for a playlist.) Part 1 Part 2
12/19/10 Santa Claus' Sick & Twisted Hangover! MThe Rev. Marc Time takes a day off to go shopping while pal Santa takes over the Hangover, playing some holiday tunes that are sure to become your favorites! (Click here for a playlist.) Part 1 Part 2
11/21/10 Halie Loren Live on the Hangover! Marc's in-studio guest for Part 2 is Eugene's own Halie Loren, celebrating the release of her new CD "After Dark." Lots of exclusive performances and witty banter! (Click here for a playlist.) Part 1 Halie Loren
9/5/10 The Leo De Lyon Hangiver Special! Marc Time pays tribute to the legendary voice actor (Spook and Brain on Top Cat) and recording artist (Sick Manny's Gym, Laura) Leo De Lyon. Part 2 is a rare, extensive live hour-long interview with the man himself! (Click here for a playlist.) Part 1 Part 2
6/13/10 Firesign Theater Day!- The greatest audio comedy team of all time are in Eugene tonight- The Rev. pays tribute to the seminal L.A. group of radio pioneers, with a special surprise visit at 37 minutes into Part 1! (Click here for a playlist.) Part 1 Part 2
6/6/10 * Honey On The Hangover Volume III- NEugene's Honey Vizer visits Marc Time for a two hour extravaganza of originals, covers and karaoke! (Click here for a playlist.) Part 1 Part 2
5/23/10 Summer Of Love 2010- Nobody knows Flower Power like The Rev. Marc Time!! (Click here for a playlist.) Part 1 Part 2
5/9/10 Mother's Day 2010 Part 1 Part 2
4/25/10 Boozeweek & Sarah- Sitting in with Marc this week is the editor of Boozeweek Magazine, Elliott Martinez; so, lotsa boozy music. Plus, a visit from Sarah Pailn! (Click here for a playlist.) Part 1 Part 2
4/18/10 Yay! It's Record Store Day!- A BIG Action Packed Hangover as The Rev. celebrates National Record Store day with an unbelievable asortment of vinyl rarities (well, hard to believe, anyway!) and an Interview about Carnival of Coutre' wwith Mietra from Deluxe. But wait, there's Moir! Seventies Australian superstar sister act The Moir Sisters to be exact, interviewed in Part Two! (Click here for a playlist.) Part 1 The Moir Sisters

Halie Loren/ Twin Peaks- Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the classic TV show, The Rev starts out with a tribute to Angelo Badalamenti's music for Twin Peaks (including some interview snippets from David Lynch).

Part 2 is a special segment with Eugene jazz singer Halie Loren live in the KWVA studio, performing some of her own songs and also accompanying recordings chosen by Marc! (Click here for a playlist.) (Note: Due to Ms. Loren's schedule, the in-studio appearenec originally took place between parts of the Twin Peaks segment. We have edited this so you may access Halie's segment as a standalone download.)

Twin Peaks


4/4/10 Easter Hangover 2010-A gaggle of Easter favorites, including a visit with the Easter Bunny! Part 2 features an interview with sunshine pop songstress Laurie Biagini! (Click here for a playlist.) Part 1 Part 2
3/7/10 Robot's Rules of Order-A You think anybody else is going to play Julie London singing “Yummy Yummy Yummy”? (Click here for a playlist.) Part 1 Part 2

A Valentines Day hangover with True Margrit!- CHour One takes you on a Valentines journey of (typically, for The Rev. Marc Time) very strange proportions.

Part 2 is a live in-studio appearence by San Francisco's True Margrit, on tour for their new album, The Juggler's Progress. The hour features CD tracks, interviews with Margrit & the band, and first ever live performances of some brand new songs. (Click here for a playlist.)

Part 1 True Margrit
1/24/10 Eugene Record Convention Meets The Hangover- Lots of vinyl, celebrating next week's Eugene Record Convention. Also because the CD players don't work. (Click here for a playlist.) Part 1 Part 2
1/10/10 Seventh Anniversary 4-Hour Hangover! (Click here for a playlist.)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

12/20/09 Santa Claus Visits the Hangover- and he hates Christmas Music as much as you do! (Click here for a playlist.) Part 1 Part 2
11/22/09 JFK Murder 46 Years Later/ 45's "R" Collection Hangover- Part 1 is a colletion of Marcs's JFK related audio collection. Scary and important stuff. Part 2 all stems from The Rev.'s collection of 45s with all artists starting with "R'... sounds random, but any excuse to hear the Rumblers, the Rivingtons, the Rutles, the Rezillos, David Rose...(Click here for a playlist.) Part 1 Part 2
11/15/09 The Craig Torso/ Recycled Hangover- Today's show is mostly made uo of recycled viny. Don't let the occasional scratch, tick, snap, crackle or pop throw you! Guest hosted by Craig Torso, is, by the way, wonderful. (Click here for a playlist.) Part 1 Part 2
11/08/09 Halie Loren w/ Hangover Roulette- Part 1 of today's show is an experiment in random programming wherein The Rev. Marc Time pulls a CD out of a grab bag and a istener calls in and picks a track number, and whatever happens, happens! Includes tracks from Vince & The Lookout Boys, Clarence "Frogman" Henry, The Cuff Links, Roger hitaker, Anton LeVay and the Cowsills. Part Two is an extended interview/ in-studio performance with jazz singer, Halie Loren. (Click here for a playlist.) Part 1 Halie Loren


A Too Much Candy Hangover- Featuring Isaac Hayes, Soupy Sales, Julee Cruise, Th Monkees and Gomer Pyle (who says Hey). (Click here for a playlist.) Part 1 Part 2



**Historical Special**-Marc Time & Mel Cheplowitz- Think of this as the historical ancestor of both The Sunday Morning Hangover and Maximum Rock & Roll! This comes from the days when Marc had to listen to Zyklon B. Zombie by Throbbing Gristle before brushing his teeth in the morning. It sounds like a party tape from one of the Jars Parties! Marc & Mel 1978  
10/18/09 Hot Dog Hangover- Featuring instrumental ELO, a tribute to the late Al Martinoand the real Rat Pack. After Marc takes a break, Marc has an in depth interview with San Francisco's True Margrit, currently on a West Coast tour that stops at Eugene's Cosmic Pizza on Thurs. Oct. 22nd with Halie Loren. (Click here for a playlist.) Part 1 True Margrit
10/11/09 Skatin' In Church Hangover- The Rev. Marc Time in a freewheeling holy-rollerfest featuring The Firesign Theater, Beck, Miles davis, Halie Loren (who will ve appearing at Eugene's Cosmic Pizza on Thurs. Oct. 22nd with San Francisco's True Margrit), The Residents and Lydia Lunch, along with special guest DJ Fuego. Come, Stains. (Click here for a playlist.) Part 1 Part 2
9/06/09 September Song 2009 Autumnal recordings from Lou Reed, Julie London, The Inks,James Brown and more, plus a tribute to Leo de Lyon and a visit to the Trveler's Insurance Pavillion. And a visit to TweakerTown. (Click here for a playlist.) Part 1 Part 2
8/23/09 Sunday Hangover Radio Surprise (Click here for a playlist.) Part 1 Part 2
8/16/09 The Further Adventures of Marc Time,Gary Nervo & Armin Hammer- The Rev. Marc Time and his crack research staff of Gary Mollica and Gary Hobish always strive to keep you informed. Today we track the wild rumours of the passing of the greatest Canadian actor in American history, Wiliam Shatner. We also pay tribute to Les Paul, Jim Dickinson, Billy Lee Riley, Sky Saxon, Elvis and Woodstock. (Click here for a playlist.) Part 1 Part 2
8/14/09 Snap Crackle, Popped- Marc fills in for Craig Leve's Friday morning Power Pop show and with aid from visitors Gary 'Nervo' Mollica and Gary 'Armin Hammer' Hobish (3/5 of The Jars) leave it in a glorious shamble. Featuring fake Zombies, fake Beatles, a Frank Sinatra Jr. / Free Design super session and a tribute to the Do-Re-Mi Children's Chorus. (Click here for a playlist.) Part 1 Part 2
8/9/09 Hungarian Goulash (Click here for a playlist.) Part 1 Part 2
8/2/09 The Party's Over- Including an interview with Simone White in part 2. (Click here for a playlist.) Part 1 Part 2
7/26/09 Flight Of Fancy- Take a trip with Fred Lowery, Annette Funicello, Roger Christian, The Bonzo Dog band, Telly Savalas, Roxy Music; take a trip to the moon with Gil Scott Heron, Ufology, Sun Ra and Howard Menger; and find out why we drink beer here. (Click here for a playlist.) Part 1 Part 2
7/12/09 The Weather Report w/ YARDSALE-Marc becomes obsessed with the weather report via the Cowsills, Juju Stulbach, The Ventures & ichard Cheese, plus tracks from Jean Shepard, Anton Levay, Yma Sumac and more. Part 2 is an extended interview with Oakland's Yard Sale featuring tracks from their brand new CD, "God Bless Our Camper." (Click here for a playlist.) Part 1 Part 2
7/5/09 The All-American Hangover-A patriotic extravaganza as only The Rev. Marc Time can deliver it- featuring The Doors, Neil Diamond, Sgt. Barry Sadler, James Brown and more. Also classics from The Small Faces, The Who, the late Gale Storm, Yma Sumac. 101 Strings and a tribute to the late Drake Levin of Paul Revere & The Raiders. (Click here for a playlist.) Part 1 Part 2
6/28/09 The Midsummer Dead Celebrities Hangover- What a week... Marc pays tribute not only to Michael Jackson, but also Farrah Fawcett, Sky Saxon, Ed McMahon and Gov. Mark Sanford's career, and a special shout out to the brave people in the streets of Iran. (Click here for a playlist.) Part 1 Part 2
5/31/09 More Vinyl & Cotton- The Rev. Marc Time delves further into his vinyl collection with selections from Julie London, Santo & Johnny, Julee Cruise, many mor. In hour # 2, an interview with Whitney McGraw of Cotton Jones. (Click here for a playlist.) Part 1 Part 2
5/17/09 The Inspiration Hangover (Click here for a playlist.) Part 1 Part 2
5/10/09 The Mother's Day Hangover- One Mother of a Hangover! With Mantovani, Walter Brennan, Red Sovine, James Brown, Ernie K. Doe, Dr. Hook, Wild Man Fischer and much more. (Hey Leroy- your mama, she callin' you man!) (Click here for a playlist.) Part 1 Part 2
5/3/09 The One Turntable All Vinyl Show (with Sassy)- Marc Time's havin' a record party- and having just one record player adds to the fun! Hear the history of the B side of "Boogaloo Down Broadway" and a time-filling conversation on obscure Jewish performers from the '60s with Marc's ex- Jars mates Gary Nervo and Armin Hammer. In hour two Eugene music personality Sassy joins in the chaos. (Click here for a playlist.) Part 1 Part 2
4/25/09 Hangin' With Honey- A freewheeling hangover show co-hosted by Eugene's Honey Vizer, who performs live in the studio, on record, and accompanied by the Chordettes, the Dinning Sisters, Bob Wills, The Human League, Ella Fitzgerald & Johnny Cash. Popular girl, that Honey Vizer! (Click here for a playlist.) Part 1 Part 2
4/19/09 A 420 Hangover- Part 1 asks the question: Do you want to live forever? Support tracks include songs from the Critters, Nat King Cole, The Postmarks, Laurie Biagini, Shawn Cassidy w/Todd Rundgren & Honey Vizer. (And don't forget, every day is Earth Day!) Part two features and extended interview and in-studio performance from eclectic-jazz singer Halie Loren. (Click here for a playlist.) Part 1 Halie Loren
4/12/09 A Chocolate Covered Hangover- The Rev. Marc Time's Easter show includes many traditional favorites, from Judy Garland and Spike Jones to Bugs Bunny and Peter Cottontail, plus spins from Johnny Otis, The Critters, The Kinks, The Who, Henry Badowski, Yard Sale and more. Part 2 features an interview with the California Pop Surfer from Vancouver, B.C., Laurie Biagini. (Click here for a playlist.) Part 1 Laurie Biagini
4/05/09 Cheesecake & Waffles- Today's show features music from some albums by artists who were too ugly to appear on their own album covers and were replaced by "cheesecake" photos of models instead. (What's next, records by ventriloquist dummies? Oh wait, Marc's already done that...) Also music from Royksopp, James Brown, Laurie Biagini, The Kinks, The Monkees, Harry Nilsson, Leo DeLyon and Shatner. Part 2 features an interview with Dave from Eugene's newest culinary headliner, "Off The Waffle." (Click here for a playlist.) Part 1 Part 2
3/29/09 The Eeefin' Show- Starts with a focus on March's Womens Month with music from Nouvelle Vague, Bebel Gilberto, Anna Ternheim, Imogen Heap and more; a Stolen Song Segment featuring styles that influenced The Beatles; Royksopp, Shatner, Eno, a James Brown contest; Part Two features a focus on the singularly peculiar vocal style known as "Eeefin" (as featured recently in WFMU's Beware Of The Blog.) (Click here for a playlist.) Part 1 Part 2
3/22/09 A Sunshiney Pop Special!! Marc Time joins host Craig Lev (of KWVA's Snap- Crackle- Pop! show) in presenting a great collection of groovy Sunshine Pop, including tracks from Margo Guryen, Donovan, Harpers Bizarre, The Association, Mark Eric, Spanky & Our Gang, Peppermint Rainbow, Laurie Bioginni, Curt Beecher, Saggitarius, Peppermint Rainbow, The Cowsills, The Left Banke, The Beach Boys, The Moon, The Free Design, Match, Neon Philharmonic, Bergen White, The Poppy Family, The Blades Of Grass, The Fortunes, Page France, The Yellow Balloon, Strawberry Alarm Clock, The Turtles, Orpheus... just a ton of great fun! Make time for this one! Part 1 Part 2
3/22/09 Springtime for Marc Time- Including the most unusual Beatles set you're likely to run across, some live Kinks, Gloria Balsam, Yardsale, Fleet Foxes, Wilco and Marcs Irish grandma Gagie. (Click here for a playlist.)

Part 2 is an in-studio appearance by Mood Area 52, a great Oregon outfit dealing in their own eclectic and peculiar brand of Americana. The band plays live in the studio and plays some selections from CDs, available at CD Baby.

Part 1 Mood Area 52
3/15/09 An Action Packed 3 Hour Hangover- Marc starts his Sunday early for a special 3 parter. Hour 1 is freewheeling stuff, perfect for enjoying your coffee. Hour 2 includes an interview with yours truly (Armin Hammer) about an upcoming restored CD retrospective on the amazing singer Bas Sheva, and a tribute to Paul Harvey. The final hour includes interviews with Berkeley's Happy Clams and Gloria Balsam, plus lots more! (Click here for a playlist.) Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
3/8/09 Tha All-Yodeling Show (Click here for a playlist.) Part 1 Part 2
3/1/09 A Hungover Hangover- It's back to basics on this show as Marc Time spends a couple of hours with Elliot Martinez, editor of Boozeweek Magazine. A terrific collection of drinking songs and booze history. Wake up the kids, give them some black coffee. Part 1 Part 2
2/22/09 The Sunday Morning Love Fest- Sometimes the Rev. Marc Time just throws stuff against the wall to see what sticks. This is a very sticky show. (Featuring j. poet's Edible Panties.) Part 1 Part 2
2/15/09 The All-Whistling Show Part 1 Part 2
2/1/09 Records About Records- The Rev. Marc Time and guests Bill Finneran and Laurie Penny from the upcoming Eugene Record Convention play and celebrate records about records, jukeboxes, and phonographs, and the folks who collect them. Great fun! Part 1 Part 2
1/25/09 A Laid Back Show- Part 1 of today's Hangover leads to an in-depth phone interview in Part 2 with Oakland, CA's queens of home-spun acoustic country pop, the great Yard Sale. The Rev. Marc Time talks to Jill, Melanie and Denise about things happy and sad, their favorite records and their other bands (though unfortunately he fails to get Melainie's pie recipes). Part 1 Yard Sale
1/11/09 Meet Honey Vizer- Why isn't she famous at the least on some sort of Jonathan Richman/Daniel Johnston/Regina Spektor/Anna Ternheim type level? After listening to her self produced CD and seeing her live I am convinced that she needs to be booked more often in this silly little town.

* * See live video from this in-studio appearance HERE! * *

Part 1 Part 2
11/16/08 A Visit with David Lynch Part 1 Part 2
8/17/08 The Corny Show- including songs about the radio, a ribute to Isaac Hayes, and the story of The Lazy Gondlier; also, how to tune a guitar and a visit from Today's Youth. Part 1 Part 2
8/10/08 Son Of The Return Of Nervo- Marc's boyhood pal Gary Mollica returns for his annual visit to Junction City's Scandifest, bringing with him a collection of Easy Listening versions of Psychedelic Sounds, foreign language versions of some top hits (I mean, did you even know there was a Spanish version of Snoopy vs. The Red Baron?) and tons of other stuff you never knew you wanted to hear! Plus a visit to TweakerTown. Part 1 Part 2
8/03/08 The Chicken Show- In celebration of National Chicken Day. Part 1 Part 2
7/27/08 The Glad To Be Alive On Earth Show- Part One is an interview with Swedish singer/ songwriter Anna Ternheim, conducted when she appeared in Eugene on July 20th. Anna Turnheim Interview Part 2
6/22/08 The Sunshiney Super Summery Show- Part One is a happy, happy tribute to the Summer Solstice; Part Two features a comprehensive interview with 60s singer/songwriter Margo Guryan, whose songs were recorded by Mama Cass, Glen Campbell, and Astrud Gilberto, among others. Part 1 Margo Guryan Interview
5/18/08 The Swahili Show- Ahem... er, let's see... it's kinda like, well no, it isn't, it's more like... y'nkow, every once in a while Marc throws something out there just to mess with me. I'm leaving this one up to you... Part 1 Part 2
1/06/08 Happy New Year-In Part 1, Marc remembers a smattering of the talent that left us in 2007, and reviews some favorite moments. Then in hour #2, The Rev. presents some of his favorite Hangover Moments from the last year. Part 1 Part 2
12/15/07 A Sonar Map Special: The Prepared Piano of Ferrante & Teicher Ferrante & Teicher
8/19/07 For the 30th anniversary of the pasing of the King, Marc attempts to raise Elvis from the dead by paying tribute to an hour of The Worst Of Elvis. (How he plans to do this by playing the songs that probably killed him in the first place is anybody's guess.) The Worst of Elvis
8/12/07 The Return Of Nervo- Marc welcomes as his co-host this week childhood pal, noted musicalologist & pop culture maven, ex bandmate, ex-Cleveland DJ, chili aficionado and co-bringer of death Gary Mollica, who's visiting Eugene for Scandyfest. If you're a Hangover regular, listening to Marc & Gary together for two hours could explain quite a bit. Part 1 Part 2
8/5/07 Swingin' with Nancy- A special tribute to the career and recordings of Young Blue (brown?)-Eyes, Miss Nancy Sinatra. This show was broadcast prior to the annoucement of the passing the previous day of Nancy's producer, writer and singing partner, the great Lee Hazelwood . Nancy Sinatra
7/22/07 Let's Go To HAWAII!!- Take a 2- hour vacation to the 50th State with Marc! Everything from traditional island music to all the music forms inspired by this tropical paradise- exotica, Hawaiian Cowboy ukelele records, Don Ho and of course Steve McGarrett. Part 1 Part 2
7/1/07 The Amazing World of Tiny Tim- Marc examines the underrated and misunderstood genius of Tiny Tim. Give it a shot- you'll be amazed by everything you didn't know about this ukelele-toting gentle giant. Tiny Tim
6/9/07 A Sonar Map Radio Show Special- Start steaming your brats and hike up your liederhosen as The Rev. Marc Time pays tribute to his two favorite Krautrock bands, Cluster and Neu! Part 1 Part 2
1/28/07 BETTY BOOP SPECIAL- A tribute to the great songs of the Betty Boop cartoons, as originally heard in the original cartoon soundtracks and voiced by Mae Questel. Betty Boop
1/14/07 Fun With Nukes! Celebrate our upcoming Nuke-u-lar Wars in the Mideast with the Rev as he plays excerpts from the Bear Family box set of Cold War stuff, Atomic Platters.This box set is a $230 list price German import and you may never hear it again! Listen to the likes of Johnny Cash, Groucho, Boris Karloff and Connie Francis teaching you how to build fallout shelters. Experience actual nuke attacks. Enjoy the Rockabilly, C&W and R&B sounds of artists like Wanda Jackson, Ann Marget, Bo Diddley and Hank Williams singing about blowing up Commies and the aftermath. 20 mega-tons of Fun! Part 1 Part 2
1/7/07 The Free Design. It's hip to be square- or were they? Hip yes, square no. Listen with an open mind to the complex choral pop group that has inspired Cornelius, Pizzicato Five, Blueboy, Gentle People, Louis Philippe, Tomorrow's World, Stereolab and Belle and Sebastian. Interspersed with interviews with band leader/ writer arranger Chris Dedrick courtesy of KCRW and WKPS. Free Design

(each 2-hour show consists of 2 approx. 1-hour segments suitable for 2 audio CDs.)

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True Margrit- San Francisco Piano Pop band, featuring their new release, The Juggler's Progress, on BoboTunes Records.